Growing the industry together

SAT.Asia engineering services do not stop at design stage of a product. We also offer manufacturing support to our customers by leveraging on our vast experience working with the OEMs, our intricate knowledge of the design considerations of the components manufactured as well as our great mix of engineers from various backgrounds and capabilities that form formidable engineering team able to undertake most engineering challenges.​​ 


Our stress and design engineering capabilities mean we are well-equipped with the necessary skillsets and know-how to also support the tooling design and engineering for manufacturing companies.​


Our well-travelled engineers with years of experience interfacing with customers also mean we are ready to deploy them on-site to further support the manufacturing engineering requirements of our esteemed customers.​


Tooling Engineering

Leveraging on our team’s years of experience in designing and analysing aircraft components to the stringent standard, SAT.Asia also offer unmatched tooling engineering support for aerospace manufacturing companies.​​

Our design and stress engineers have been supporting Tier 1 aerospace manufacturing companies in drafting, designing, updating and analysing jigs and fixtures for composite and metallic manufacturing processes.​​

Our value proposition in tooling engineering support comes from our familiarity with aerospace parts, our agility and flexibility in responding to immediate requirements as well as a mix of principal and senior engineers that forms a high-performing engineering team.​

On-site Support

Our engineers are ready to be deployed on-site to support various manufacturing engineering activities.​

From manufacturing engineering support, production planning, documentation to configuration control and customer interfacing, our well-experienced engineers are always on-hand in providing quality services wherever our clients may be.​

Our quick response, flexibility with the size and duration of a project as well as proven excellent working relationship with most industry players offer great value to our customers in solving engineering problems on-site.​