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Aerospace And Engineering

End2End Solution
  • Project Management
  • Enginering Design
  • Stress Analysis
  • Warranty & Aftersales
Value Solution
  • Fixed Price
  • No Warranty or after sales support
  • Flexibility in Timescale
Resource Placement
  • On-site deployment
  • Time and Material


Zero-G IOT Solutions


Our solutions combine:

  • Fast Deployment – ready understanding of key business issues and translating that into system/solution requirements based on robust standards
  • Domain expertise – deep know-how on specific parameters/trends to be monitored and captured by the sensors
  • Network + Sensors + Other Data capture – best sensors combination for the purpose
  • Live System comprising of SATU™ Dashboard and other applications that continuously learn and provide actionable insights to the stakeholders
  • Cost structure that will provide immediate savings within 12 months of operation