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IoT & Big data

Nowadays trend is about intersection of people, data and machine intelligence in every single day.  SAT.ASIA brings the solution to you and deliver beyond the horizon to reach the most impact. Including below:-



Productivity & Efficiency

Process Automation & Optimization

New Revenue Streams

zero-g iot – variance

smart tani


zero-g iot – variance

smart asset – product

Satu dashboard

SATU Dashboard is an abbreviation of SAT Unified Dashboard platform. Whereby, it is diversified platform that cater various field. SAT saw every businesses as one singularity, which, it is must be unified and work together. However, to do this, a singularity must have tools that able cooperate and align with the goal. With SATU Dashboard, it is 100% solution that serve any singularity without boundaries.





built-in AI


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