Take note of what’s around you. Environment management is a responsibility we do not take lightly, and with SM4RT ALAM, we can manage it efficiently and effectively.

How it Works

Data collection

Sensor devices, drones, user input, etc

Data analysis & action plan

Through SATU Dashboard™

Prompt on-site action

Preventive measures and maintenance based on data

Database creation

Continuous reading provides reliable historical data 


Real time monitoring

with alerts & notifications

Cost saving

early warning, save maintenance cost

Historical data integrity

eliminate human error

Optimum resource utilization

with precise actions and maintenance

Trend discovery

through historical data

Early detection/warning

avoid disasters and damages

SM4RT ALAM™ Solutions

SMART Udara - Air Quality Monitoring System

Monitor ambient temperature and humidity, as well as substances such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide levels. Users will be notified of irregular readings through SATU Dashboard.

SATU Dashboard

Where the magic happens. All the data collected from the farm will be displayed and analyzed here, in one simple, intuitive dashboard.

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