Manage your asset the smart way. With the SM4RT ASET solutions, asset tracking, monitoring and management can be done anytime, anywhere.

How it Works

Data collection

Tracking devices, personnel tracker

Alert & data analysis

Through SATU Dashboard™

Prompt on-site action

On-site action based on data

Database creation

Continuous reading provides reliable historical data


Real time monitoring

with alerts & notifications

Cost saving

less asset loss, maintenance cost

Historical data integrity

eliminate human error

Optimum resource utilization

avoid under or over-utilization of assets

Trend discovery

through historical data

Theft/misuse prevention

data-driven measures

SM4RT ASET™ Solutions

Workforce Management System

Ensure the safety of workers and visitors alike with personnel tracker equipped with real-time location system, panic button and alert signal. This technology can also be used to enforce area limit and productivity management.

Zero-G Asset Tracking System

Track your asset with IoT trackers utilizing Sigfox’s Zero-G network. With secure connection, minimal battery usage and reliable data collection through Sigfox cloud, these IoT trackers can be installed on any asset you can think of, transforming them into smart assets of your own.


SATU Dashboard

Where the magic happens. All the data collected from the farm will be displayed and analyzed here, in one simple, intuitive dashboard.
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