Social Distancing and more.

Social Distancing Assistant Plus (SDA+) system offers all the features of the SDA, with additional Human Resources (HR) & Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) functions.


HR and OSHA + SDA Functions

A BLE Beacon as well as directional antennas are added for zonal and directional tracking. 

  • Allows broadcasting of zonal information via Bluetooth signals to be picked up by SDA tags
  • Sends an alert to the dashboard, via the gateway, when a SDA tag enters a beacon zone
  • 3+ years of batter autonomy
  • Installation of the directional antenna enables entry and exit  movement detection of the SDA tags
  • Allows for precise attendance recording and tally counting during emergency evacuations

New Dashboard Visuals & Analytics

Attendance records and OSHA related data visualisation now included on top of original contact tracing functions. Also comes with fool proof and accurate HR functions and OSHA compliance features. Traffic flow through entry and exit points can be analysed for optimisation for emergency evacuation of zones. Social Distancing Assistant Plus (SDA+) is your new and upgraded SOP enforcer.

New analytics include : 

  • Attendance history
  • Average traffic of each entry and exit gate
  • Attendance behaviour patterns