We have been engineering aircraft components for 15 years. It’s only natural that we design our IoT solutions with the same precision engineering practice we only know how.

At SAT.Asia, we always ask our customers; what are you trying to solve? Our commitment in tailoring the IoT solutions to specific needs is a testament to the precision engineering culture we inherit from our years in aerospace industry. 

Data is as good as its reliability.

As aerospace engineering company, we take data integrity and traceability seriously. All our data are managed and protected using state of the art Quality Management System, in compliance with stringent international standards.

That is why we appreciate IoT; it ensures data integrity and traceability. SAT.Asia IoT solutions are designed to be temper-proof and come with stringent data collation and depository protocol.

Technology should be affordable.

At SAT.Asia, we understand that acquiring technology can be expensive. That’s why we introduce an OPEX model for users to lease our IoT solutions. Our System-as-a-service model allows anyone from any sectors to use our SM4RT Tani, SM4RT Aset and SM4RT Alam solutions hassle-free.

Simple and truly affordable IoT; that’s what you get from SAT.Asia. 

Our world-class engineering services are poised to expand globally through SAT International.

Through our SAT International office in Germany, and soon-to-open offices in other countries, we serve the world in providing high-end engineering services to global aerospace companies. Be it in Munich, Wuxi or Los Angeles, SAT engineers are ready to deliver top of the line services to engineer a better tomorrow, globally.


Singularity Aerotech Asia (SAT.ASIA) is a premier aerospace engineering and technology provider.


With more than a decade of experience, our Aerospace division delivers world-class end-to-end engineering solutions to global aerospace companies with specialty in engineering design and stress analysis of aircraft structures.


Our Technology division delivers tailor made IoT and Big Data solutions to our customers, driving their digital transformation towards full implementation of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.



Aerospace & Engineering

IoT & Technology


Hafeiz Hassan

Hafeiz Hassan

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

MEng (Imperial College) & MBA (IIUM)

Rayven Jay

Rayven Jay

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

BEng (University of Manchester). MSc (Minnesota)


Afif Badhrulhisham

Afif Badhrulhisham

Head of Business Development

Chin Tse-kuan

Chin Tse-kuan

Head of Aero Engineering

Azman Imen

Azman Imen

Head of Technology

Mohd Fairuz Husnin

Mohd Fairuz Husnin

Head of Programme




Our engineers are world-class. As such, we have expanded our business reach beyond Asia through our affiliate, SAT International. With presence in Germany and soon in other countries, SAT International will be the gateway for major global aerospace companies in the regions to engage and acquire SAT.Asia top notch engineering services, delivered through our proven track record in work package transfer as well as resource deployment abroad.

Check with us regularly for future updates on SAT International.