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Aerospace Engineering

Taking aerospace engineering into greater heights

Aerospace is in our DNA. From the founding CEO and CTO all the way to our engineering consultants working on the floor, almost all of SATeam members are trained aerospace engineers. Boasting engineers with up to 20 years experience in the industry, SAT.Asia is well positioned to deliver high-end quality aerospace engineering support to the world.​

Being an Engineering & Technology company gives a unique advantage to SAT.Asia as we are poised to play vital roles in this new era of aerospace engineering, leveraging on the Industrial IoT (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Industrial Revolution 4.0 technologies. Our burgeoning portfolios will very soon include development of Next-Gen Aircraft, Urban Air Mobility vehicles, Green Technology Powerplant and more.

​​We are well on our way to obtain our AS9100 Rev D certification this year and is a registered member of the Malaysian Aerospace Industry Association (MAIA).​


Engineering Design

Design has been an integral part of our engineering team in delivering our solutions. Our engineers have vast design experience working for various global OEMs like Airbus and Dornier Seawings, as well as their suppliers.

Our approach in designing aircraft parts are primarily led by our stringent and methodical approach built on years of working to the standards set by our global aerospace customers. This drive for excellence are reflected in all our design works ranging from designing the simplest brackets to the most complicated mechanical systems of an aircraft.’

Static Metallic & Composite Stress Analysis

Our engineers have been supporting stress analysis activities for various global OEMs such as Airbus, Boeing and Dornier Seawings and their suppliers.​​

Our experience involve stress analysis for both metallic and composite structures, covering all stages of aircraft development from preliminary design and sizing, first flight check and Continuous Product Development (CPD).​​

Other than primary structures, our services also extend to secondary structures, system fittings, Flight Test Instrument (FTI) fittings as well as aircraft interior fittings and modifications.

Finite Element Modelling & Analysis​

Our capabilities in Finite Element Modelling (FEM) and Analysis dated back to as far as 2006, when our engineers were involved with structural analysis of Airbus aircrafts that require extensive use of FEM/FEA.​

Currently we have a team of senior and principal engineers with various experience level delivering world-class Finite Element and Analysis services to global customers.​

Apart from the standard linear structural analysis, our engineers have also delivered several high profile complex non-linear analysis including impact and thermal analysis on aircraft components.​

Fatigue & Damage Tolerance Analysis

Our Fatigue & Damage Tolerance engineers have performed analyses for primary structures for OEMs such as Airbus and Boeing for the last 10 years.​​

From the stress spectrum generation processes, fatigue analysis on various structures and designs, to stress surveys and site selections of damage tolerance analysis, our engineers have done them all with proven track records.​

Project Management

No program can run efficiently without program managers that oversee all the deadlines & deliverables. Our team of dedicated Project Managers and Engineers are on top of all our engineering undertakings from project kick-off all the way to final delivery and review.​​

Having used to working with stringent deadlines and tight program constraints made our project managers resilient and adaptable to different working environment. Moreover, dealing with global aerospace supply chain requires our project managers to be effective communicators & use available technology to communicate with their international counterparts, making us one of the preferred aerospace engineering service providers in Asia.​