With over 10 years worth of experience in aircraft design and engineering, SAT.Asia offers world-class services to aerospace companies all over the world.


Through our pedigree in aerospace engineering, SAT.Asia engineering services extend to other industries including Oil & Gas, Marine, Automotive and Rail.

From 30,000 ft up in the skies... 6,000 ft below sea level

SAT.Asia engineers have left their marks in providing world-class technical services, and continue to do so everyday.

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SAT.Asia offers an end-to-end engineering services covering all stages of product development and disciplines.

Project Management

We have a dedicated Project Managers and Engineers to oversee the engineering works including project planning, scheduling, supplier and customer interfacing & management.

Engineering Design

Our design team is capable to lead or support design activities throughout the whole product development cycle including conceptual design, preliminary design, detailed design for manufacturing, manufacturing concessions as well as continuous product development and improvement.

Stress Analysis

Our expertise covers static metallic and composite analyses, Fatigue & Damage Tolerance (F&DT) analyses as well as Finite Element Modelling and Analysis.

Manufacturing Engineering

Our services include tooling design, manufacturing process development & documentation as well as training and competency management.


At SAT.Asia, we understand that not everyone needs end-to-end engineering support. That is why we offer a flexible Value Solution engineering service, where our engineers can support any engineering work at any stage of development, all tailored to the customers’ specific requirements and project needs.

Fixed Price Engineering Service

For specific engineering work packages with mature requirements, we offer a simple fixed price package to help our customers managing their project budget and expenses.

No Frills Engineering Service

For specific technical support without the need of complex engineering consultations, we offer a simple no-frills engineering service e.g. 3D to 2D drawing conversion and digitisation of engineering drawings.


Sometimes supporting our customer off-site is not enough. That’s why our engineers are always prepared for work placement on customers’ site. With years of experience managing our engineers abroad, SAT.Asia offers Resource Placement package for our local and global customers.

Short Term Support

For engineering support that requires on-site visits and coordination with project teams, our engineers are able to be deployed to sites on a short term support arrangement.

Long Term Placement

For large engineering project that requires our engineers to interact with project teams on daily basis, we offer work placement for up to 2 years long with renewal options.

Complete Engineering Team

For customers that require a team of different level and expertise, SAT.Asia offers a complete engineering team lead by our Lead Engineers on-site.