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The future of farming is here. SM4RT TANI™ is an end-to-end solution for precision farming, utilizing multimodal network connectivity and Big Data analytics to take agriculture to the next level.

The Ecosystem

SM4RT TANI™ Solutions


In agriculture, IoTani represents the seamless integration of internet-connected devices and sensors into farming practices. Employing this advanced technology enables the gathering of real-time data and the automation of processes, resulting in heightened efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in agricultural operations.


A digital farm management system is a technological tool that assists farmers in managing all aspects of their farm operations using digital technologies. It typically involves the use of software, sensors, and data analytics to automate and optimize various farm management tasks.


A digital market platform can refer to an online platform or marketplace where businesses and individuals can buy and sell goods and services. It can also include platforms that facilitate digital marketing activities such as advertising, promotions, and customer engagement.