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Real-Time Location System

The Real-Time Location System utilizes the same technology provided by Ubudu, with high-accuracy proximity alert systems that will notify you of tags and the interactions they could have with different zones.


devices already produced


sites deployed

RTLS Assets

UWB Tags

  • Attached to important & moving assets
  • Paired using QR Scanner
  • Data including tag ID’s & associated asset is recorded
  • Tags also scan for BLE Beacons and record zonal data
  • Emits UWB signal to nearby Smart Anchor’s


Smart Anchor

  • Installed at selected locations for optimum real-time asset tracking
  • Collects data from SDA Tags and sends them to Location & Application engine via Wi-Fi
  • Receives signals within 30m
  • Sends data to server via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or 4G

Ubudu dashboard provides all the necessary functions and features for a powerful RTLS experience. Bottleneck identification is easily noticed and can be improved through asset movement analysis.

  • Loiter time in zone analysis to identify delays or bottlenecks
  • Workflow analysis with movement trajectory replays
  • Ability to measure turnover and equipment utilisation rates
Location Engine
  • Calculates real-time positions of tags & publishes them to Ubudu Application Engine
  • The server will calculate the positions of the assets based on data collected, enabling infrastructure management
Application Engine
  • Displays real-time positions of assets on the map
  • Triggers geofence alerts between zones
  • supports functions like search, flow analytics, and more
Customising your dashboard will allow for various visual aides in analysing RTLS data
  • Heatmap highlights the position density of assets on the user provided maps
  • Flow charts show the movement flow between zones
  • Ability to set custom alerts to notify the occurrence of any prohibited events
  • Organize tags using asset device pairing to group asset tags for ease of allocation for various functions
  • Replay entire trajectories of each/groups of your asset tags for understanding of flow