The future of farming is here. SM4RT TANI™ is an end-to-end solution for precision farming, utilizing Zero-G IoT network and Big Data analytics to take agriculture to the next level.

How it Works

Data collection

Sensor devices, drones, user input, etc

Data analysis & action plan

Through SATU Dashboard™

Precision farming

On-site action based on data

Database creation

Continuous reading provides reliable historical data


Real time monitoring

with alerts & notifications

Cost saving

less cost, more yield

Historical data integrity

eliminate human error

Optimum resource utilization

precision farming

Trend discovery

through historical data

Early crop/disease prevention

data-driven measures

SM4RT TANI™ Solutions

Weather Monitoring System

Measure ambient temperature, moisture and rainfall. Combined with local meteorological data, this system allows you to monitor the condition at the farm and make informed decisions in terms of drainage, watering, worker shifts and more.


Water Monitoring System

We also provide water monitoring system for agricultural fertigation technology. Monitor pH levels, Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and temperature with IoT sensors, and make adjustments accordingly to improve the yield of quality of your farm.


UrusTani - Digital Farm Management System

Introducing UrusTani – our very own Digital Farm Management System (DFMS) service for smart farmers. UrusTani is a digital platform for farmers to manage, organize and plan everything related to their farm. From inventory to worker management, this platform provides an accessible, comprehensive system to help farmers make full use of their resources. UrusTani also allows you to generate MyGAP compliant report with a single click.

SATU Dashboard

Where the magic happens. All the data collected from the farm will be displayed and analyzed here, in one simple, intuitive dashboard.
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